Romantic & individual
wedding & Lifestyle photography
from St. Louis, MO


Stephenie Masat is a wedding & lifestyle photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri. She’s a nationally published artist who has been celebrated for her innovative outlook and desire to push the boundaries on styling and perspective. She specializes in capturing couples in their element, as their true selves, and delivering timeless and romantic imagery.

We thrive on simple, ordinary connections between humans. These organic moments make for precious memories and stunning images. It's one thing to capture beauty - but capturing the fleeting moments of vulnerability and raw love - that's a whole other level of artistry. As we work together we’ll be on the lookout for those small details - the ones that really tell your story.

Welcome to where personal and intimate meet bold, fearless imagery.




Based in Saint Louis, Steph is on the lookout for intimate, real, human connection.

If your desire is for real, honest, colorful images of the most important moments of your life -
if you’re longing for images that communicate presence and timelessness -
then we’re a perfect fit.

We can’t wait to start this journey with you!