Timmy H. | A Sweet, Minimalist Newborn Session from St. Louis

There's nothing like watching your favorite person meet your other favorite person. That's what it was like watching Ally and Josh with their new baby, Timmy. Sweet and tender affection, parental worry, the mystery of what the cry means and if he's hungry or not. All these sweet moments are some of my favorite parts of being a photographer and capturing your newborn. I believe in the raw, and organic moments that make up our lives. There's nothing posed, nothing air brushed about our true existence. We're flawed broken people who get a glimpse of newness and beauty when a new life enters the world. For a minute we're able to experience a thing so perfect, untouched, and shiny: it's beautiful and it's a gift we don't deserve. But grace brings it anyway. 

Welcome Baby Timmy.