Smoke Bombs and Engagement Sessions | Lauren & Adam

Lauren and Adam get married in December! When they reached out about their engagement photos the ideas went wild! I grabbed some smoke bombs, we ran to the nearest run-down car-wash and made some magic togethers.

Clients like Lauren & Adam are why my job is so stinking cool. When I can suggest ridiculous things like “Hey, sit on the floor of this dirty car-wash”, or “hold this smoke bomb for me” and they say “Alright! We trust you!” the little butterflies in my chest just go wild. Being able to create art, not just pretty images, is so awesome. My goal as your photographer is not to just make you look pretty in your photos and bring out your awesomeness, it’s the take it to the next level of giving you an experience. Something you can look back on and say “Wow, that was cool!” Are your engagement photos a memory?! Were you sitting on a car-wash floor cuddling together? If not, maybe you’ve been missing out on the experience you could have had with me!

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Stephenie Masat